Monday, January 10, 2011

Now a Village in Pakistan to Auction Terrorists

After seeing the success of IPL auctions where players are being bought by the companies for millions, an undisclosed village in remote Pakistan is now into auctioning terrorists to form a great cricket team.

"We will be playing with live grenades instead of leather ball", said Ifthikar Syed, coach of Jacobabad Jihad. "Tt becomes compulsory for the batsman to hit a shot to prevent the grenade exploding around him, and this makes the game even more interesting."

"We want to show India that our Terrorists Premier League will be more hit than their IPL." said Munna Malik, owner of TPL franchisee, Lahore Ladake.

The major shock came when only 500 units against the ordered 1500 units of Made in China grenade reached Pakistan for the first match. Pakistan officials blames the Chinese technology and believes those 1000 grenades exploded on the way, while Chinese officials thinks the corruption in Pakistan is the reason of disappearance of 1000 grenades. Meanwhile a US report says that recently Pakistan has delivered a supply of 1000 grenades to its Army on its eastern border with India. This gives a common man idea about the lost 1000 grenades. And becomes one more case where Pakistan has diverted sum for anti India activities.

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  1. lol..nice one..from PPL to TPL..nyways won't b surprised if they start TPL.!! :P