Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Neighbour blames India of violating its Airspace

Picture showing a pigeon doing covert operation in the city

At the dawn of the day, local people who were doing their morning business in the farms discovered  low flying agile pigeons heading towards their land from India. "These black/blue pigeons were extremely precise and accurate while leaving their droppings." said Abdul Feroz, a villager who was attending the nature call in the forest.

The Home Minister of the state said that they are going to raise this issue on international forum against India. "We were really lacking the proofs of their covert operation in our tribal land to destabilize us. We won't miss this opportunity of bringing them to the International court." added the Home Minister. "This is the clear airspace violation by India, our terrorists who are undergoing pilot training are having trouble in flying jet"

These pigeons targeted abandoned homes and government buildings, some were also spotted making out with local pigeons which is the matter of concern in the region. The localites said they were hearing their weird sound like gooo..gooo..gooooo gutar goo, gutar goo.. all day. Some of these pigeons were trapped by their intelligence agency after a deep analysis they found these creatures talk in code language and inflate their throat while speaking.

Indian pigeon making out with a local pigeon

The administration of the country said, like India raised the issue of Chinese intrusion, we also want to raise this issue to come in the international news first time not for the reason of planning terrorist strike globally.

At this Indian high Commission has denied that any such event was planned in India.

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