Saturday, November 20, 2010

I don't deserve you!!

Ever heard this from someone whom you like so much? It can be frustrating.. Life is complex and love is even more because here is an involvement of two lives. Understanding oneself is not easy but here you are expected to understand other one too..

You like someone, care for them, love them, help them, be always nice to them, and tries to bring the best for them, and you think they love you, then you might have to be careful that at the end of the day you don't remain just a guy or a girl who is always available for them or remain just a close, sweet friend..

When I feel so good with you, when I love to help you, when I love to make you smile and when I love to call you beautiful, then why do you feel i deserve someone else?

When you hear this from a friend/lover.. either he/she is insecure or has low self esteem and has a fear of loosing you as he/she has been hurt in the past.. or either he/she wants your attention.. either he/she has cheated on you before and now he/she feels guilty because you are very nice.. or may be he/she just wants to push you away and get rid of you by saying this.. Which one do you think is correct?? ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Sanskar Says?

Listen to me, listen what I have to say.. Hey guys listen.... Oh, OK, not a big deal.. Well this is my first post but definitely not the first on blogger :) You can find me at many places ;)

Connect with me, and stay in touch..  Hope this relationship will grow.. Use RSS, Facebook, Google Friend Connect (Followers) and of course Twitter.. So press one of the button, Why delay? lol.. So here I am signing off... I guess, well not so soon.. In between I am a Mechanical Engineer from the factory of engineers, India. Was zero in engineering, but hero in all other things.. That's the only thing i never understood :P and don't wanna try also.. So I am here ;) So happy to discover one more source of time pass :P